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“Radical Communication” - when hearing this term for the first time, a lot of people could be put off and rather see some kind of “aggression” behind it.  What it means is to say what needs to be said even if it means discomfort and communicate with anyone in our lives in a sincere, careful, and loving way. 

In this episode, I am talking to my dear friends Niki Inglis and Eric Hartman on that topic. Niki and I have been friends for many years, we have worked, traveled, and even lived together. Niki for me is an inspiration, a mentor, a soul sister, and one of these people I would, and probably even have, call at 2 am if I need to. Eric, her partner, and I have gotten to know over the years and all I can say, I wish I could spend more time with him, pick his brain and listen to his music. 

Niki and Eric share with us what the difference between “communication” and “radical communication” for them means. This naturally leads to the next question: “Where is the difference between feminine and masculine communication?”. They describe the road it took them to get where they are today in their partnership communication and what they’ve learned from each other on this journey. And they share with us how they keep on track with the help of joint rituals, practices, and habits. For instance the “weekly check-in questions”, which you find below. 

Our conversation is not only about the communication between partners, but also with anybody else in our life, like children, friends and family. Niki and Eric tell us how much their efforts to adopt “Radical Communication” into their life influence their communication with others. 

Niki and Eric have a wealth of experiences, personally and professionally: They live and work on unceded land in Vancouver British Columbia in Canada. 

Niki teaches Yoga, has a Master's in Architecture and a Master's in Education. She has been teaching public classes, retreats, and workshops individually and collaboratively for 18 years, with a particular current interest in Restorative and Chair Yoga. Teaching teachers is her true love, and she has taught in over ten 200 Hour training - particularly focusing on fascia, anatomy, and pedagogy. Niki leads 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training online, in Vancouver and internationally in the areas of Restorative, Biotensegrity, Chair Yoga, Advanced Anatomy, the Art of Assisting, and Myofascial Self Release. She has three grown daughters and one stepson. Her latest passion project is helping to lead a non-profit Yoga school called Phoenix Community Yoga out of the pandemic and into its next phase.

Eric was born in New York City, USA, and grew up in Vancouver. He is a passionate elementary school teacher, and he enjoys using music and puppets as core strategies in his pedagogy. Other passions include cycling, sailing, languages, travel, and being in the mountains. Eric is a founding member of a men's discussion group and has attended several men's weekend retreats.   He is president of the Pacific Bluegrass and Old-Time Music Society and has been part of several performing musical bands. Eric has a BA in Religious Studies, with a focus on Judaism, a Bachelor in Elementary Education, and a Masters in Music Education, with a focus on World Music. He has one adult son and three adult step-daughters.

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Get in Touch with Niki

Niki’s and Eric’s weekly check-in questions

How are you feeling about us today?

Is there anything from the past week that you would like to discuss?

How can I make you feel more loved next week?

How do you feel about our sex life right now?

Is there anything I can improve in the kitchen?