The Power Of A Men’s Group – Eric Hartman | 028



In this episode, I am happy to have Eric Hartman back on the podcast.  Two weeks ago, he and my dear friend Niki Inglis were here together and we talked about Radical Communication. The link to that episode is below. 

Today Eric and I talk about the benefits of men gathering in a group and why he started a  Men’s Group. 

Over the last few years, women's circles have become very popular, there will be a future episode on that topic, however, I feel very few people talk about Men’s Group. 

 At the beginning of our conversation, Eric shares what motivated him to start a local Men’s Group in the first place. He describes what makes this group a safe space and why trust and confidentiality are so important to be able to open up and talk about feelings.  We close up the conversation with Eric’s advice for all the men out there. 

Eric was born in New York City, USA, and grew up in Vancouver. He is a passionate elementary school teacher, and he enjoys using music and puppets as core strategies in his pedagogy. Other passions include cycling, sailing, languages, travel, and being in the mountains. Eric is a founding member of a men's discussion group and has attended several men's weekend retreats.  He is president of the Pacific Bluegrass and Old-Time Music Society and has been part of several performing musical bands. Eric has a BA in Religious Studies, with a focus on Judaism, a Bachelor in Elementary Education, and a Masters in Music Education, with a focus on World Music. He has one adult son and three adult step-daughters.

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