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Life curation

In 5 Steps from Chaos to Clarity


... in 5 steps you can get out of the fogginess of your stress mode, make space for your intuition, and see clearly where to focus on right now in your life - whether that is your health, your career, or your relationship.

WHAT YOU'LL GET - inspiration, tips, and inputs that'll come to you  in the form of worksheets, videos, or audio downloads



Incorporate Yoga into your life

I am inviting you to dive into a Kundalini-inspired Yoga sequence.

This is a gift from me to you and it will allow you to release stagnant energy, stretch and strengthen your body and remove blocks - physically, mentally, and emotionally.

WHAT YOU'LL GET - a Kundalini-inspired Yoga sequence suitable for everyone, from beginner to advanced yogis and yoginis.



Feeling connected to yourself

Have you wanted to establish or re-gain your own meditation practice for a while but are not sure how?

There are many types of meditation, give yourself the opportunity and freedom to try different forms to find YOUR practice.

WHAT YOU'LL GET - a guided meditation that comes as a Mindful Body Scan.



Emotional Freedom Technique

Also known as tapping, EFT is based on the latest findings in psychology and neurobiology. It is free of any esoteric or pseudo-scientific dogmas and practices.

Similar to acupuncture, EFT is built on the meridian system, which is why it is often called the psychological or emotional version of acupuncture.

WHAT YOU'LL GET - an EFT package containing a short introduction to EFT and a guided meditation session supported by the EFT tapping method.


Essential Oils

Essential Oil - Uses & Recipes

I invite you to start your journey into the extensive world of essential oils.

There are oils for most ailments ranging from physical pain, as emotional and mental support, to use around your home as cleaning products, kitchen, and beauty essentials.

WHAT YOU'LL GET - a mini e-book for you with tips and tricks on how to incorporate three of the most used Essential Oils.

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