Empowering you to live your true potential

That's my Life's Work

Do you feel overwhelmed and not sure
how or where to place your focus?

Do you always feel like there’s too little time
and too much to do?

Are you frustrated because
you always put yourself last?

Let me help you move into clarity & serenity so that you can
spread your wings to open up to the potential
that lies within you.

In my life, I have learned that nothing is constant and everything is constantly in flux. My different trainings as well as my healing journey on a personal level, through grief, health challenges, relocating internationally and changing career, have all helped me to cultivate and master tools, routines and rituals for staying grounded and living a life true to myself on a daily basis. I am here to share those tools with you!

Life Curation

I support you in connecting the dots that transform your life into the beautiful work of art it's meant to be. Want to find out how?

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I offer public classes in Zurich, 1-on-1, group or corporate sessions and yoga & wellness retreats.

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Emotional Freedom Techniques

Also known as EFT or "tapping", this is a powerful method to un-block yourself.

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Essential Oils

Find out how to incorporate their healing powers and properties into your life.

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life curation Podcast

A mix of solo episodes as well as episodes with guests that I admire, that inspire me, and have had or still have an impact in my life

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About Andrina

My Story, my Values & qualifications

If you're anything like me, you'll want to find out about the person behind the business first of all. My pleasure! I'm here to tell you all about how my calling found me, and what qualifies me in supporting you on your path to a more meaningful and fulfilled life.

Meditation_Andrina Tisi

Client Love

I have found the meditation sessions highly helpful in a way I did not think they would be. I thought they would be relaxing and de-stressing but found the meditations went far deeper. I feel privileged to be part of a group that gets daily motivational messages from their coach in a variety of ways: videos, chats, recipes, worksheets, etc. The diversity of content meant it was never boring and always interesting.

Linda Bonger

All the personal touches one wishes for and more. I love working with Andrina, her knowledge knows no bounds and her genuine interest in health and wellness is inspiring! It has helped me extremely that I could calm myself down. I believe in myself more and I keep calm in stressful situations, which is very astonishing. I feel proud of myself because the downward spiral had no chance any more!

Miriam Hürlimann

For me, your program was the next step on my journey…through the commitment I was able to continue the work, and I’m a big believer in synchronicity – during the last weeks so much stuff has just “clicked” and for me making that commitment to the 40 days has led to more and more things!

Frauke Kaspar

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"The lungs are the wings of the heart. Spread your wings. Unfurl your lungs."

Ana Forrest

i am by andrina tisi
i am by andrina tisi