WORK WITH FEAR NOT AGAINST IT – Catherine Ackermann | 025

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F.E.A.R., also an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real.  And this acronym shows us that maybe we don’t have to fight our fears or anxieties but rather work with them, even embrace them, in the here and now. 

Catherine and I dive into the subject of fear and all those things and events that can be triggered by fear. as well as what induces fear and anxiety in the first place. Catherine shares some personal experiences she went through in her life and the ways she managed to work with it instead of fighting it. She also has a few tips and tricks you can start using right away. 

Catherine's background as a film producer taught her about the dynamics of a team. She saw first-hand how fears and anxieties can affect a leader’s decision. This experience motivated Catherine to want to work with leaders and inspire them to make a bigger impact. 

Through Catherine’s knowledge, personal experience, studies in nutrition, and being a leader herself, she has extensive experience with understanding anxiety and fears and how they can take over your business and personal life.

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