Sacred feminity & womb healing – Tamara Tiana | 021

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Often women happen to exclude the most exquisitely feminine parts of themselves which happen to be the seat of our power, inner wisdom, and purpose.⁠ Often there is a lot of shame and guilt connected to our emotions, our pleasure, our cycle, and our femininity. 

Tamara shares with us how to reconnect to the power within ourselves when we think we have none left. She explains how we can use the huge potential for healing from our female ancestry line, what this has to do with womb healing, and how we can reconnect to that space within ourselves and nourish that wisdom that’s already there. 

Tamara is the founder of The Spiral Path, a Yogini, and a mother. She lives on Vancouver Island in Canada surrounded by magical forests and a wild ocean. She has always had a deep and powerful relationship to nature, and specifically to the earth herself. She is on a mission to awaken womxn to the wisdom of their wombs and the spiritual power available through consciously relating to their cyclical nature.

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