To be Happy in Love is Inner Work – Sandy Kaufmann | 046

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Sandy Kaufmann has - like many of us - experienced love affairs that did not end well. She was accumulating experiences with men who didn’t want to commit and were cheating on her. She tried to change her behavior, tried several methods including psychotherapy, reading lots of self-help books, but still kept repeating the same patterns. Until one day, she found the approach that transformed her love life. Sandy shares with us her method and tools and tips on how to let love into our life again and to gain more emotional serenity, whatever the external circumstances may be.

The healing method she uses consists of the strong belief that healing goes through the physical body first. 

We talk about Self Love and Sandy shares what she understands under this very popular idea. We also talk about patterns, programming, and past wounding and how we can change these to stop repeating what makes us suffer. 

Sandy Kaufmann is a certified life coach and helps women who are single to understand why they can't find the love they are yearning for and how they can change this.