Asking for Help without Shame or Fear – A Discussion | 029


With pleasure, I am welcoming  Shelly Sharon back to the podcast. You might know her from my very first episode

This episode is a little different, as it is a conversation between Shelly and myself and less of an interview. 

We talk about a topic that is difficult for most of us: Asking for Help. We both share our personal experiences as well as from our experiences when working with clients. 

We also share a couple of tips on how someone can make the first steps and handle some hurdles along the way. 

To a certain extent, we all have been there. Believing and telling ourselves that asking for help means “I’m a failure”, “I’m weak”, “Something is wrong with me”, “I didn’t do it right” …. the list is endless! But what if asking for help can be taking the form of space? What if we get the chance to get to know ourselves better - layer by layer? 

Another subject we touch on is that sometimes we are not even aware that we need help. How do we know we need help? What are the signs that we are ready for professional help?

As we believe that this is such an important topic Shelly and I will do a follow-up webinar on "How do we trust ourselves so we can ask and get the help we need".

If you want to know more about that workshop please email me at

Shelly's mission is to help women who’ve been around the block with healing and self-growth when they want to deal with challenging feelings so they can deepen their self-trust and expression and feel deeply at home with themselves.

Being a meditation teacher, life alignment coach, and writer with nearly 15 years of experience she helps people around the world come home to themselves. A former dancer, coffee shop owner, and a sought-after business consultant for social change, Shelly had a deep break-open experience in 2011 that led her to dedicate her life to helping people heal, feel and wake up. Originally from Israel, Shelly traveled as a nomad in the East for three years and settled in Zurich, Switzerland, with her beloved partner and two white cats. Shelly’s offering private coaching, workshops, and retreats worldwide.

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