Episode 001 | What does it mean to be free to be ourselves – Shelly Sharon

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In this episode, I have a conversation with Shelly Sharon- Meditation Teacher, Life Alignment Coach, and Writer. We discuss what it really means to be ourselves.

Shelly's mission is to help women who’ve been around the block with healing and self-growth when they want to deal with challenging feelings so they can deepen their self-trust and expression and feel deeply at home with themselves.

Being a meditation teacher, life alignment coach, and writer with nearly 15 years of experience she helps people around the world come home to themselves. A former dancer, coffeeshop owner, and a sought-after business consultant for social change, Shelly had a deep break-open experience in 2011 that led her to dedicate her life to helping people heal, feel and wake up. Originally from Israel, Shelly traveled as a nomad in the East for three years and settled in Zurich, Switzerland, with her beloved partner and two white cats. Shelly’s offering private coaching, workshops, and retreats worldwide.

Shelly offers you "The three easy, and most ignored, keys to feeling at home with yourself". To get this, all you need to do is to sign up for it on her homepage (please scroll down a little).

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