Creativity as a spiritual practice – Chris Corbett | 014

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My guest today is a published author, communication specialist as well as a year-long practicing yogi. 

In my conversation with Chris Corbett, we dive deep into creativity and how it can be an expression of our vision as well as support our healing journey and on our spiritual path. Chris shares how Indian Philosophy plays into his life and his book “Nirvana Blues”. And yes, Chris reveals that some of the characters in his book are not only fiction but are based on real people. 

I met Chris shortly after moving back to Switzerland when he started coming to my Yoga classes. We quickly and easily connected and stayed in touch ever since. 

Chris was born in the UK and grew up in Northern California where he was educated at the University of California in Berkeley and Santa Cruz. 

Living in Los Angeles he worked for Playboy Magazine, Walt Disney, and on various films including an Academy Award Winner and documentary projects in Europe, America, and India.  

He also owned a publishing business for eight years with a brother-in-law of one of the Beatles, operating from one of the oldest studios in Hollywood.

Moving to Switzerland he’s been engaged in corporate communications at multinational organizations. 

His novel - Nirvana Blues - which was published in Germany and America soon will be followed by a non-fiction book that shows what the Matterhorn, David Bowie, mindfulness all have in common. As well, a second novel is on the way set in the world of the international art scene and private banking.

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