Episode 012 | The energetics of numbers, the magic square & Katonah Yoga

Today’s guest is my dear friend Aylin Karadayi. Aylin and I talk about the energetics of numbers, their connection to the so-called magic square, and how we can adapt it into our daily life.  Aylin explains the relationship between these two even deeper when Katonah Yoga comes into play. 

Aylin embodies a wealth of knowledge and resources as her path led her through cultural sciences studies, event management, music, Yoga, her former plant-based food business AYLA REAL FOOD, holistic health coachings, and eventually to AYLA REAL HEALTH.

Aylin was born and educated in Zurich, Switzerland, but her oriental roots will always be a part of her life. Besides her job she loves practicing Yoga, studying, cooking, listening to music, spending time with her partner, family, her dog Aki and her friends.

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Links Mentioned in the Interview

Christine Bengel- https://www.christinebengel.ch/

Magic Square - https://bit.ly/398g9No

Nevine Michaan, Founder & creator of Katonah Yoga - https://bit.ly/38hvKed


Programs Aylin is Offering

Weave It In - https://www.aylarealhealth.com/ with Reni Bickel

Everyday Hero - https://www.aylarealhealth.com/ with Mirjam Haymann

Ancient Knowledge Modern Essential  - https://www.aylarealhealth.com/ with Sandro Varisco


Inspirations Shared by Aylin

Wild Geese by Mary Oliver - https://bit.ly/2JPjZT7

Tao Te Ching, Chapter 2 - https://bit.ly/3hLclFX

Erikah Badu, "Didn't Cha Know" (Spotify) - https://spoti.fi/2XcmDFD

Erikah Badu, "Didn't Cha Know" (Lyrics) - https://bit.ly/3nks1B8

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