How it feels to be young, female and successful in the financial industry | 004

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Cris Bueno is my guest in this episode. I met Cris a few years ago when she came to one of my yoga retreats. Right from the beginning, Cris struck me as a young dynamic, and ambitious woman, and I am thrilled to have her on my podcast today. We talk about what it means to be young, female, and successful in the finance sector in Switzerland. Cris shares her refreshing insight and experiences. 

During this conversation, we touch on topics such as the question “When being promoted in the banking industry, what was more challenging being a woman or being very young?”. Another quite interesting topic is the actual development of working environments. And yes, we also touch on the subject of “Money and wealth are still a pretty big taboo topic”.  

Cris also talks about her own experiences with stress management, it's challenges and let's us know how she handled it.

Cris is an economist by education and a banker by profession. Since finishing her studies in London, she has had the opportunity to work with several Swiss institutions, from global banks to local family offices. She was only 27 years old when she was appointed Vice President in one of Switzerland's top 2 banks.