Parents At Work – Rachael Waldinger | 042


Rachael Waldinger and I have a conversation about how the needs of organizations and individuals working for them can be met. About how organizations can empower parents to take action and what leaders & managers can do to support working parents. 

Rachael shares with us her path from being a working mum to being a full-time mum and finding her way back to work. She describes how difficult the transition from home to work and vice versa can be. 

We speak about what it is that makes working parents “empowered”. And what empathy (versus sympathy) has to do with this all, i.e. listening and relating to what others have to say already makes a huge difference - not only among coworkers but also leaders. Another topic that came up is the differences between men and women when it comes to part-time work. The closing statement is that it is important to first connect on our similarities so that we can talk about what’s different without having the need to defend the differences and taking sides - that gives us more choices to choose from. 

Rachael studied Human & Organizational Development in the US and led a variety of different teams in the Healthcare Technology industry. She has her Advanced Executive Coaching diploma from the Academy of Executive Coaching and works currently with leaders and companies around the globe.

Today she is the COO/Head Coach at parents@work and also the mother of two wonderful boys. In her COO role, Rachael is dedicated to helping companies, mothers and fathers master the transition to working parent.

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