Winter Solstice, Rauhnächte & the 12 Holy Nights | 009

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We are approaching the Winter Solstice and following that, the 12 Holy Nights, also called “Rauhnächte”. In this Solo Episode, I talk about the traditions and legends around the Winter Solstice and how the Rauhnächte relates to it. And with that, I hope to give you some impulses and ideas on how you could celebrate this very special period. 

This period offers rituals that can help you to find a friendly closure with the current year and give you motivation and inspiration for the coming year. 

And I also invite you to join me in this journey as I will - same procedure as every year - again set up an email series, giving you daily inputs. 

If this episode inspired you, feel free to send it on to your community for them to find rituals and inspiration during the time between the years. So, that we all can tap into the insights and wisdom that lays within us supported by this spiritual and magical time. 

I really appreciate you being here and tuning into the Life Curation Podcast may this be a magical time for you and your loved ones.