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Have you wanted to establish or re-gain your own meditation practice for a while but are not sure how?

You are in the right place! Keep reading.

There are many types of meditation, give yourself the opportunity and freedom to try different forms to find YOUR practice.

 To support you on your journey, here is a guided meditation for you.

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This guided meditation comes as a Mindful Body Scan. It will calm you down, reduce stress and make you feel more present.

You can practice it in the morning to start your day centred or if you have troubles falling a sleep it will help you drift of peacefully.

By now, the vast benefit of mediation is known by most. Meditation is not only for yogis and yoginis but also athletes know of the benefits and big corporations offer it to their employees as means to manage stress. Still, many people are not sure how to build and cultivate a personal meditation practice and routine.

So, why not take the first step and give it a try with my free Mindful Body Scan.

Who is it for?


Anyone who wants to

  • Start their meditation practice
  • Re-gain or change up their regular meditation routine
  • Feel calmer and relaxed
  • Have a tool for stress situations and stress management
  • Improve mindfulness and self-awareness


What to expect?


  • A guided 30 min Mindful Body Scan
  • Feeling less stressed
  • Reconnected to your body
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Feeling grounded and centred
  • More ease falling a sleep
  • Improved sense of focus and present

About Me

Andrina Tisi

I am calling myself Life Curator, as I consider my work highly creative and at the same time very healing. As a certified Holistic Coach and integral Life Consultant as well as registered Yoga Teacher I work with people who want more in their life; be it the realization of big dreams, the implementation of a wild project or to get unstuck and find the deep healing and transformation inside and out.

The combination of Yoga, different lifestyle practices, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Essential Oils as well as my own life experience contribute to the whole.

More about me ... 


Join me, and I'll guide you through your first steps.

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