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Health is Wealth - a motto that is the red thread in this conversation with Stefanie. We talk about certain misconceptions about Yoga that still exist, i.e. “The more flexible the better”.  Also, we touch on how important it is to work with our body and the changes that come through age, lifestyle, injury as well as pregnancy. 

Yet another motto for all of us to live by is “Your body is your best teacher”. Meaning to be open to other movement practices and listen to your body about what’s she/he needs. In Stefanie’s eyes flexibility is somewhat overrated and what we all should rather take account of is integrity. 

Our body needs different components of movements just like it requires balanced and varied nutrition. 

Inevitably we talk about what “Functional Yoga” exactly is and how and why Stefanie came up with the creation of the “MyStrengthAbility Strap”. Spoiler alert: in the word “functional” is also the word “fun” ….

Stefanie has a very curious mind to explore the body and learn constantly. After her training as a Physiotherapist in 2003. The direction of preventive health through motion quickly defined her passion. Yoga was an ideal companion to evolve from rehabilitation into preventative health education in the field of Health & Yoga. As Founder of Health & Yoga Switzerland, she organizes health & Yoga events; works as a Physio-and Yoga-therapist, a Yoga Teacher & Educator locally and nationally.



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