Mindful Body Scan | 027

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Mindful Body Scan - a simple technique to clear away stress that often builds up in our  body. Today’s mindful body scan meditation can effectively calm you down, reduce stress, and can help you feel more present or in the moment. And for those of you who are having a hard time to find sleep, this can help you to find just that very moment to peacefully fall asleep. 

This body scan is not only beneficial in the evening, you can do it at any time during the day. It can help to regain balance when life feels shaky and bring you back to the center and steady you again. So give it a try! 

The object of a body scan is to have an “in-the-body” experience, connect with the body and feel gratitude for our body. In the body scan, you methodically bring attention to different parts of the body. Since the body is a dynamic organism that’s always changing, no two body scans will ever be completely alike. As you continue to practice, you’ll discover what Martha Graham sagely noted: “The body says what words cannot” (Hanna 2006, 33).

The body has its own wisdom, and if you listen, it can communicate where physical tension, thoughts, and emotions lie within your body. When you practice the body scan, first simply become aware of physical sensations by exploring their felt sense. There’s no need to analyze or manipulate your body in any way; just feel and acknowledge whatever sensations are present. Through this deep investigation, the body may begin to reveal a whole range of feelings. In this way, the body scan can bring you in touch with many aspects of your life.

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