One Year since the pandemic started – people share their experience (d/e) | 019

Almost exactly a year ago COVID19 drove us in the first lockdown. With this episode, my idea is to give people who live in very different situations a voice and have them in short contributions share how they experienced this first year of the pandemic;  what they learned, what challenges they encountered, and what positive outcomes they experienced. 

I gave each of them the same 3 questions: 

  • What did you learn this year - your Learnings
  • What wasn't easy - Challenges
  • What opportunities and positive things brought this year - Gifts


This episode endorses once more my intention to design this podcast bi-lingual. Some people will share their findings in (Swiss)-German and some in English. 

You will hear a restaurant owner, a doctor, and experiences with homeschooling from a teacher and parent point of view. How it is to have a mother in a care home, is considered high risk and what it means to be working in the culture and theater sector. You will hear a single talk about her dating experience, how it was as a yoga studio owner as well as the voice of a financial advisor. 

I encourage you to answer the above questions for yourself as well, and if you feel up for it, send them to me. I would love to hear how YOUR year was.

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