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December 21, 2019 – January 6, 2020

To celebrate the Rauhnächte or the 12 Holy Nights, is a very old and mystic tradition, very much known in many European countries.

This period marks a gap in the regular calendar cycle. It originates from the times when it was decided to rather follow the sun than the moon. A “moon year” has 345 days, but a “sun year” has 365 days. Hence the gap. So, it was decided to add those missing 12 nights to the “moon year” in order to level up. This is also where the German proverb “zwischen den Jahren” i.e. “between the years” comes from. This gives us a good understanding as to why this is a very special, spiritual and magical phase and it comes with an increased ability for deeper insights.

This “Gap Between the Years” is a time of very powerful visions. Shamans, healer, sage people and magicians of all times used this special period in the year to retire and to live with nature and to indulge and devote themselves to their spirits and ask for guidance for their future work.

The rituals connected to the “Rauhnächte” begin at Christmas Day (December 25th) and end with Epiphany (January 6th). In some countries, this special period is celebrated between the Winter Solstice (December 21st) and New Year’s Day (January 1st).

It is a special and magical period during which time seems to stop. A time when the past, present and the future become one. A time for rituals, conclusions and new beginnings.

For many people, December is already full of traditions. From opening a new door on your advent calendar each day to lighting candles, attending dinners and social gatherings. Often, we are so busy during this time, that we miss the magic of it all. Hence, the Rauhnächte that follow this busy time is a beautiful opportunity to turn inwards.

December 21st – Winter Solstice marks a good day to start preparing. It’s the shortest day of the year and the days start to get longer again.

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