I am


Live a more fulfilling lifestyle in just 40 days.

How about tapping into your unique, hidden potential?

Life these days has gotten really fast, complex and confusing. In our hectic days, nothing is constant – except constant fluctuation. How can we stay more grounded? What tools and habits help us to meet the challenges that arise? Which daily rituals invite in the success we dream of?

Take a time-out to zoom out, look at the big picture and find answers to your questions. Develop a routine that is nourishing and sustainable and foster self-love and self-compassion if you hit bumps along the way. Learn how to deal with your inner critic, your self-sabotage and your limiting beliefs (and EFT, aka tapping, is only one of many tools to get you there).

i am by andrina tisi
i am by andrina tisi

Are you ready to become the best version of yourself?

Do you want to stop running and start simply being?

Are you keen to banish those self-sabotaging patterns?

I AM here to tell you that it’s possible. All it takes is as little as twenty minutes of your time on a daily basis, for a little over a month, to see change that is sustainable. Let me support you so you can finally fill your life with all the goodness that you want, need and deserve – in body, mind & soul. Let me help you achieve your visions and your dreams and join me on the journey to get there. We’ll have fun along the way!

I am

A 40-Day lifestyle course

I AM is a 40-day online program based on a truly holistic approach to ensure we’ve got you covered on your way to a more fulfilling lifestyle – on all levels.

Upcoming course: May 19th - June 30th.

Say it with me: I AM in.

Is this you?

Do you often feel...

  • tormented by negative beliefs and self-sabotaging patterns
  • an imbalance between social life, work and spiritual life
  • like you're constantly running out of time with too many things to do


would you rather...

  • boost your mental, spiritual and physical health for good
  • get organized and stick with beneficial habits more easily
  • feel whole and consistent and live a purpose-driven life

I am

the change i am looking for

Would you say it's worth investing 20 minutes of your time a day in exchange for sustainable, holistic health, well-being and success on every level?
During registration, I will be offering an application call for you to discuss with me if it is the right fit for you, right now.

Say it with me: I AM in.

This is your 40-Day program for...



  • daily impulses for an integral lifestyle
  • nutritional support
  • yoga & meditations


  • mindfulness practices
  • self-care & personal affirmation
  • journaling


  • Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)
  • rituals & routines
  • special essential oil blends

Daily inspirational impulses

You will have access to different exercises and practices to incorporate into your day and life. This support for your 40 days and beyond comes in the form of worksheets, videos or audio downloads. I’ll also provide you with a daily worksheet to journal and record your daily goals and gratitudes.

During the 40 Days...

...we will have 2 x 60 min video calls – the first one to kick off the program and the second one at the end of the 40 days.

...you will have a 20 min 1-on-1 call with me to guide you through your personal journey.

...you will have access to the private Facebook group where we support each other.

i am by andrina tisi
i am by andrina tisi


about Andrina

The creation of I am

In my life, I have learned the hard way that nothing is constant and everything is constantly in flux. My different trainings as well as my healing journey on a personal level, through grief, health challenges, relocating internationally and changing career, have all helped me to cultivate and learn tools, routines and rituals for staying grounded. I now have solid land posts in my life that help me to deal with any challenges that come up. I created I AM to share those tools with you!

i am by andrina tisi
i am by andrina tisi

Client Love

I have found the meditation sessions highly helpful in a way I did not think they would be. I thought they would be relaxing and de-stressing but found the meditations went far deeper. I feel privileged to be part of a group that gets daily motivational messages from their coach in a variety of ways: videos, chats, recipes, worksheets, etc. The diversity of content meant it was never boring and always interesting.

Linda Bonger

All the personal touches one wishes for and more. I love working with Andrina, her knowledge knows no bounds and her genuine interest in health and wellness is inspiring! It has helped me extremely that I could calm myself down. I believe in myself more and I keep calm in stressful situations, which is very astonishing. I feel proud of myself because the downward spiral had no chance any more!

Miriam Hürlimann

For me, your program was the next step on my journey…through the commitment I was able to continue the work, and I’m a big believer in synchronicity – during the last weeks so much stuff has just “clicked” and for me making that commitment to the 40 days has led to more and more things!

Frauke Kaspar

What people have achieved in I AM

Meditation_Andrina Tisi
  • established power habits that set me up for success
  • keeping up my sport plan and still have enough time for family and friends
  • self-development, money is not a topic anymore, gentleness and mindfulness, both with myself and others
  • loving myself, living and enjoying the present moment, be there for others without getting sucked into their worries and fears
  • removing self-doubt and fully honouring myself
  • being healthy and mentally stable, the best version of myself - aware, present and engaged
  • build my “brand” and also find paid employment, allocate some time each week to my vision
  • a healthy life full of energy, good company and interesting projects to work on
  • daring to speak up
  • half an hour in the morning just for myself (no matter what)
Meditation_Andrina Tisi

get in touch

Fulfill your biggest dream

The next round of I AM starts on May 19th and finishes on June 30th. 

Secure your Early Bird Special until May 8:
- CHF360.-
intead of CHF460.-
- added 30min 1-on-1 Coaching Session
- 1 week menu plan and recipes


Looking forward to seeing you there!

i am by andrina tisi

If you're not sure yet, I can offer you a complimentary call to discuss with me if it is the right fit for you, right now. You can also use this form to request a payment plan.

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Looking forward to seeing you there!

i am by andrina tisi
i am by andrina tisi